Hong Kong Zhai Awards

Here in HKZ, we believe that quality is the product of sincerity and hard work. Therefore, every dim sum creation is crafted diligently with heart and soul, and every ingredient is conscientiously selected to produce the authentic flavor of the Hong Kong dim sum.Enjoy the taste of impeccable quality here at Hong Kong Zhai! Our efforts and excellences are widely recognized and acknowledged in various culinary events and dim sum industry. We extend our wholehearted gratefulness for the continuous support and recognition.

  • 荣获1997第一届美国旧金山国际中菜节南北点心总亚军并
  • 2000中国大连首届国际中菜大赛点心组金牌
  • 2002吉隆坡第四届中国烹饪世界大赛银牌奖
  • 2004中国重庆国际美食节金牌奖
  • 2005中国沈阳国际美食节优秀奖
  • 2009-考取点心教授证书
    "Dim Sum Professor" Industry Trainer Module Certificate
  • 2009-东方美食烹饪艺术家杂志证书
    Easteat Culinary Artist Magazine Certificate